Incremental & reversible chaos library. Generates pseudo-random numbers (not suitable for cryptographic or statistical applications) in a reversible and incremental manner.

Capabilities include:

The core API is available in C, Python, Javascript, and Unity/C#, and includes:

Core documentation

Full documentation for all core functions pulled directly from the Python implementation (applies to all implementations):

Core Documentation

Example code

Example code using the JavaScript implementation that demonstrates things to do with the library.


Unity Example

The unity/anarchy folder is a complete Unity project which includes a component implementation of the library and a simple demo component that uses it to shuffle tiles in a Tilemap. When it’s running, you can left-click to advance to the next seed, or right-click to go back to the previous seed. The code in the Tilepicker component demonstrates how to use anarchy.

That said, I’m not a Unity expert and this probably isn’t the right way to release the library; it seems like a plugin would be more appropriate, but I haven’t yet figured out the details of building and deploying one. If you’d like to use anarchy more seriously in a Unity context, let me know (even just by opening an issue) and I can make that more of a priority.